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    5 Ways to Protect Pets from Poisons BY CARLEY LINTZ Published: 03.05.2019     Our homes are supposed to be safe havens. The truth is, though, t...
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    The 10 Dog Breeds That Shed The Most Dogs shed. It’s just a fact of life that we’ve become accustomed to. But as many dog owners know, there...
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    A cancer diagnosis for a loved one is always devastating, even if that loved one has four legs and a furry tail. And while cancer cannot be fully prevented, knowledge is a powerful tool.

    Halloween can be a festive and fun time for children and families. But for pets? Let's face it, it can be a nightmare. Skip the stress and keep your pets safe this year by following these 10 easy tips. 

  • Autumn Safety Tips

    There’s nothing like the crisp, cool air and luscious foliage to get you excited for the changing seasons. Your pet, too, is probably welcoming a break from summer's hot, sticky weather. But fall is also a time of lurking dangers for our furry friends. From household poisons to cold weather hazards, there are important safety issues to consider.

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    Pet owners do this instinctively because they feel just as attached to their pets as they may to their infant. But does this sort of "baby talk" do anything for the dog?