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About Us

 I've had dogs my entire life. I have a passion for dogs. Two of my dogs are rescued dogs and the other is a stray that showed up at my door nearly dead. I've had some great dogs. All lived long lives, except one. That one died unexpectedly at the age of 4 from a suspected seizure. That broke my heart. That dog's name was Willie and I honor him by naming my company after him. 

Willie's Choice is named after Willie, a Doberman Pinscher WILLIE of Willie's Choice Pet Products

 For the past 30+ years I've been a public servant (firefighter, paramedic and a police officer). While I was a police officer I was privileged to be a K-9 handler. When my partner (Zeke) and I retired I wanted to start a business. My greatest passion is dogs and I wanted to start a business with quality products, at a reasonable price. I didn't want to be just any pet store. Anyone can go to Walmart, Petsmart or any other of the dozens of big chains. I want to return to the days when a customer was valued and the merchant was proud of what he sold. I searched for over a year and finally realized to fulfill my desire I would have have my own products. 

Mark and Zeke, a German Shepherd Police Dog, posing during training in front of a police carZEKE AND I AT TRAINING A LONG TIME AGO


 Our first product, Willie's Choice Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil met the criteria. I gave it to my own dogs to try. It made a HUGE difference in Daisy. Daisy is a 9 year oil Australian shepherd mix. The last few years she has really slowed down and acted like her hips were hurting, something very common in older dogs. Within a week of taking the fish oil with every meal, I have my playful dog back.Daisy's fur is noticeably softer and shinier too!.

Daisy, an Australian Shepherd mix, is VP of Security at Willie's ChoiceDAISY


Rose, our stray dog, was covered in sores and had a skin infection when she showed up at our door. The fish oil has practically eliminated her itching and she has a beautiful coat now.

Rose, a Staffordshire Terrier Mix, is Vice President of Public Relations for Willie's ChoiceROSE

You have my guarantee that any product we offer now, or in the future, will have my complete confidence behind it or I won't sell it. You can also know that I value YOU as a customer and I will do everything in my power to make sure you are 100% confident in your purchases from my store.